Jacksonville Humane Society gets $45K donation to promote literacy among young at-risk children

Jacksonville Humane Society gets $45K donation to promote literacy among young at-risk children

The Jacksonville Humane Society celebrated a generous $45,000 donation from The Players on Thursday, aimed at supporting its educational outreach program. The initiative focuses on promoting literacy among young, at-risk children and collaborates with various organizations for its endeavors.

The significant donation not only contributes to funding the educational outreach program but also facilitated the acquisition of a new Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV). The freshly acquired vehicle was immediately deployed to serve the Durkeeville neighborhood, aiding a program designed to work with at-risk children from low-income households.

Emily Bellock, Senior Director of Community Outreach at The Players, emphasized the importance of supporting such programs. She stated, “It was really important for us to fund a program like this that would be able to provide reading experiences in so many schools for young people and give them the tools they need to succeed as it relates to being comfortable with reading.”

Denise Deisler, Chief Executive Officer of the Jacksonville Humane Society, personally loaded new books into the brand-new vehicle. These books were destined for the MaliVai Washington Youth program, which aligns with the overarching goal of providing reading experiences for children.

The impact of the program extends beyond simply delivering books. Studies indicate that access to reading materials improves reading skills. Deisler commented, “It’s important to us that we prove to them that access to books” can make a significant difference.

Upon reaching the destination, special guest Dudley, the humane society’s educational dog, accompanied the delivery of books. Excitement filled the air as 6 and 7-year-old children eagerly selected two new books featuring either dogs or cats. The joy of reading was complemented by the pleasure of sharing the experience with Dudley, who proved to be an attentive and understanding listener.