Members of one northside community trying to stop affordable housing project

Members of one northside community trying to stop affordable housing project

Many people have been asking for more affordable housing, but members of one northside community is trying to stop an affordable housing project from entering their neighborhood.

A handful of homeowners in the Biscayne community are not happy with the recent design of an affordable housing apartment complex. They fear it’s going to end up like the other affordable apartment complex they already have.

“This is our home. This is our place. We don’t want to accept just anything,” Biscayne resident Joseph Trottie said.

A group of 20 homeowners gathered to discuss their concerns with a new apartment complex potentially coming to their area.

“The people who just bought these houses didn’t buy it to have it degraded by something as horrible as I saw pictures of,” Biscayne resident Staci Anderson said, referring to the design of the proposed apartment complex.

“To take something that looks like a motel six and place it in our neighborhood is a slap in the face,” Trottie said. “Would you build this in Saint Johns County? We want the same things they have out there. We want that over here.”

Homeowners told Action News Jax that the Northwood Apartment complex was the first affordable housing in their neighborhood. They complain it’s going downhill with the overflowing of trash every day and lack of maintenance on the units.

“We don’t have a problem with affordable housing, but we do have a problem with houses that don’t live up to the standard of housing that we have invested in our community,” said Biscayne resident Eugene Eubanks.

A city council meeting will be held on Thursday at 6 p.m. to discuss the future of this apartment complex.

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