Truckers kidnapped, tortured, killed execution-style in Florida

An arrest report said the cargo was discovered at his home. He pleaded not guilty and was awaiting trial.

3rd victim survives ordeal but is in critical condition

Police want to know who kidnapped, tortured and fatally shot two truckers execution-style before dumping their bodies on a South Florida street over the weekend.

The Miami Herald reported that a third man survived the ordeal and flagged down a passerby who called police. That man, whose name has not been released, was in critical condition when he was taken to a hospital on Saturday night.

Police told the newspaper that masked men kidnapped Osmar Oliva, 50, who owned Oliva Delivery Corp., Johan Gonzalez Quesada, 26, and a third man. They tied their hands and tortured them for hours in the back of a moving-type truck before shooting them in the head and leaving them in a yard in Opa-locka, which is near Miami.

“He was very good person,” Oliva’s crying widow told the newspaper on Monday. “I don’t know why this happened to him.”

Gonzalez Quesada, had a 1-year-old daughter and a baby born less than two weeks ago.

“He was a marvelous person,” Gonzalez Quesada’s father, Ovidio Gonzalez Roche, told the Herald. “This is such an extraordinary shock. I can’ t explain what’s happened.”

Miami-Dade homicide detectives are looking for answers.

NBC 6 reported that the bodies of the men were left outside an abandoned home in Opa-locka.

A reward of $5,000 is being offered for information that least to an arrest.

The slain men had each had earlier brushes with the law. Oliva was arrested in 2007 after officers said he was one of three men found unloading cargo off a stolen tractor trailer that had been located using a GPS device, the Herald reported. Charges were dropped the following year.

Last year, Gonzalez Quesada was accused of having two loads of pilfered cargo — frozen shrimp, and air-conditioning units — that had been traced via GPS on stolen tractor trailers.

An arrest report said the cargo was discovered at his home. He pleaded not guilty and was awaiting trial.

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