A lot of NFL teams tanking for Caleb Williams already have a QB

A lot of NFL teams tanking for Caleb Williams already have a QB

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Those who thought Nathaniel Hackett was responsible for the disgusting product at Mile High last season need to apologize, so, I’m sorry, Hack. It turns out that late-stage Russell Wilson can turn any coach into Norv Turner. That, and the Broncos went from having one of the better defenses in the league to dead last.

It doesn’t help that Miami put up 70 on the Donkos, but the ‘Fins have beaten every team they’ve faced on this list (Denver, New England, and New York). It just so happened that the win over Denver was historic for all the wrong reasons. Add a middling offense, and that’s a recipe for a 1-4 start. Payton is too new to put this slow start squarely on him, yet he hasn’t done the team, or its QB, any favors.

Marvin Mims was brought in to complement Courtland Sutton, and Jerry Jeudy, not lead them, and the receiving corps that a lot of people projected to be a strength isn’t as explosive as predicted. Obviously, that’s going to land at the feet of Wilson, as well, but NFL franchises don’t go 6-16 over a 22-game span just because the QB sucks.

Usually, that sucking is spread around, and I’m simply pointing out that all three phases of Bronco football currently suck.

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