Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban gets blunt on Pat Bev Podcast

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban gets blunt on Pat Bev Podcast


Say what you will about Dallas Mavericks governor (team owner) Mark Cuban. One thing you’ll never be able to say is that he doesn’t speak his mind. Cuban’s been keeping it a buck in NBA circles for almost a quarter century and shows no signs of slowing down. Recently, Cuban sat down on former NBA defensive menace Patrick Beverly’s show, The Pat Bev Podcast, to discuss the Mavs and several other topics. During their chat, Beverly broached the topic of player vices, and Cuban came back with a response that is certain to get people’s attention.

When it comes to the NBA, everybody has vices. Does that factor in how much [money] you give someone?” Pat Bev asked.

“100 percent, because it’s a team. No lie, I’ve traded guys because they smoke too much,” Cubes admitted.

All the heavy weed smokers in The Association will probably think twice about accepting calls from the Mavs during free agency in the future. Cuban didn’t mince words in answering Pat Bev’s query. He got right to the point and likely cares very little who doesn’t like it. The NBA has finally decided to drop marijuana from its drug testing program.

So, while smoking weed is no longer frowned upon by the commissioner’s office, Cuban still reserves the right to do what’s in the best interest of his organization. Obviously, this is a case-by-case type of thing. Kevin Durant loves getting stoned, but nobody’s trading him for smoking “too much.” Hall of Fame football coach Jimmy Johnson was once asked if he would handle Troy Aikman and a third-string lineman falling asleep in a team meeting the same way.

“Absolutely not. If I found a third-string lineman sleeping in a team meeting, I would cut him immediately. If I found Troy Aikman sleeping in a meeting, I would gently wake him and ask him if I could bring him a cup of coffee.”

Obviously, some of that quote was meant to have a comedic effect, but the intended lesson was loud and clear. The more you produce, the more leeway you receive. It’s not always fair, but neither is life. Sports exemplify this more than almost anything else. Most times (not 100 percent), the best players get to operate on an island, which can also be detrimental to themselves and others.

Then you take the NBA, a player’s league, and this example is even more apt.

Indeed, if Cuban could get KD to Dallas, he’d do so and likely have a bowl of bud waiting. As long as Durant scored his 26+ per game and continued to shoot efficiently, he’d be all right smoking as much ganja as his heart desired. But if the 12th guy on the Mavs roster was hotboxing his hotel room every night as Cuban alluded to, he’d soon be out on his ass firing up for a new squad.

This probably sounds foul to many weed smokers, but it is Cuban’s team. And everyone claims to want truth and transparency all the time. Well, here it is. Cuban kept it as real as possible. He’s not against it. Cuban just doesn’t want players who let their love for a little herbal essence override their desire to continue growing and improving as a pro. So, you either have to fall in line or become a star if you’re a stoner and want to play for the Mavs. 


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