Donald Trump, Ron Desantis in Ames for the ‘Cases Pending Kickoff Classic’

Donald Trump, Ron Desantis in Ames for the ‘Cases Pending Kickoff Classic’

Donald Trump will be at Jack Trice Stadium in Ames on Saturday, where Iowa State University will host the University of Iowa.
Photo: Gerald Herbert (AP)

Former president, and current defendant, Donald Trump is attending the Iowa-Iowa State game today, where he’ll watch two schools — with current and former players under investigation, or accepting plea deals for gambling — face off. Oh, and Meatball Ron Desantis will be in attendance as well, as the two hopefuls for the GOP nomination aren’t really interested in the football as much as the free campaigning.

The Hawkeyes are a 4-point favorite in Ames, but I’m looking for the odds on how long Trumpito and Pudding Fingers sit through a game with an over/under set at 36. Desantis is tirelessly working Iowa counties in an inevitably fruitless endeavor, while Trump is holding conference calls with his constituents and rambling about god knows what, because the legal fees are mounting, and he can’t warble his second, fundraising chin fast enough.

While the fortuitous bounces that brought these bumbling politicians together to watch a contest (that you definitely should not bet on) were purely coincidental, it doesn’t feel that way. It feels serendipitous. The sleaze runs downhill, and has pooled to such a degree at Trump’s feet that his supporters aren’t sure if the shower is rain or golden, but, either way, they don’t care.

While I know things are far from culminating with the indictments, court cases, elections, and fate of the free world, I simply wanted to note how perfectly greasy this entire ordeal is. Seriously, how is DraftKings not sponsoring this game?

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