Looks like the Vikings are throwing in the towel and ready to trade Kirk Cousins

Looks like the Vikings are throwing in the towel and ready to trade Kirk Cousins

Kirk Cousins seems to be nearing his end in Minnesota.
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After a Week 5 loss to the defending Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, the Minnesota Vikings are off to a 1-4 start and seem to be throwing in the towel. On Monday, news broke that the Vikings are now “more open” to trading quarterback Kirk Cousins. On Tuesday, more news out of Minnesota shed more light on a potential Cousins trade as the team placed All-Pro wideout Justin Jefferson on injured reserve. This means Mr. Griddy is out for at least the next four weeks.

This also means the Vikings are likely seeking to enter the tank for Caleb Williams sweepstakes. One year after winning 13 games and sitting atop the NFC North, it’s all falling apart in Minneapolis. It’s wild to think they’d trade such a productive QB as Cousins is having a good

season individually.

Cousins leads the NFL in touchdown passes with 13 and is second in yards and yards per game. But those stats he’s putting up haven’t translated to the win column enough this year. Then there’s his contract, which takes him through the end of this season. Cousins also has a no-trade clause in his contract, and that could complicate any potential deal. Long story short, it looks like the days of Minnesota forking over fully guaranteed deals to Cousins are ending.

The New York Jets allegedly contacted Minnesota about Cousins after Aaron Rodgers was ruled out for the season. They were denied at the time. Should they begin talks again, it could be a different story. At 2-3 in a tight AFC, making a trade for a QB like Cousins, with that defense, could jump-start their season. Of course, Cousins would have to agree, but the Vikings are going nowhere fast, and heading to NYC could be a good change of scenery.

With three weeks left until the NFL trade deadline, the Vikings have time but will need to move quickly if they want to unload Cousins before the season ends. Minnesota might not get back everything they want, but if they want a better shot at Williams, they’ll want to complete this trade ASAP.

Even then, there’s no guarantee, and they could end up needing to trade up higher in the first round anyway. Regardless of Minnesota’s chances at landing the USC prospect and Heisman winner, the Kirk Cousins Viking era feels like it’ll be ending soon.

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