Stephen A Smith fires back at LeBron James over media coverage of Joel Embiid injury: ‘Tell the facts’

Stephen A Smith fires back at LeBron James over media coverage of Joel Embiid injury 'Tell the facts'

ESPN personality Stephen A. Smith responded to LeBron James’s criticism of the media’s treatment of Joel Embiid’s injury with a fiery rebuttal on “The Stephen A. Smith Show.” Smith took issue with James’s assertion that nobody had taken accountability or apologized to Embiid for criticism of his injury status.

Smith countered James’s comments by emphasizing Embiid’s injury history, pointing out that Embiid had missed significant time in the past due to various injuries. He highlighted that Embiid’s injury-prone nature was well-known, and the media’s critiques were not questioning the legitimacy of his current injury but rather the timing of his absence from games.

Furthermore, Smith addressed James directly, challenging him to “watch his mouth” when criticizing TV shows and podcasts, referencing James’s own platform, “The Shop,” and suggesting that it is not subjected to similar criticism.

Smith concluded by emphasizing that the media’s critiques were directed at players who frequently skip games for rest but then struggle to perform at a high level when they do play. He argued that the focus should be on providing accurate information and telling the whole story rather than resorting to sensationalism.

The exchange between James and Smith underscores the ongoing debate surrounding player injuries, media coverage, and accountability in professional sports.