Stop complaining about sportsbooks reimbursing Aaron Rodgers bets

Stop complaining about sportsbooks reimbursing Aaron Rodgers bets

The internet has created a phenomenon where people see a news story, and then rush to explain to those with (assumed) lower brain function, why they shouldn’t believe what they see. A perfect example of this is the ditty about DraftKings refunding all bets related to Aaron Rodgers after his Jets career lasted all of four snaps.

The sports gambling site, among others, refunded bettors for that incredibly atrocious beat, and instead of just taking the easily identifiable PR ploy at face value and enjoying the free credits, business insiders like Darren Rovell fearmonger about the precedent this sets, and how sports fans are going to cry double standard in the future.

They do that already, and even though there’s a first for everything, this forgiveness isn’t going to prompt a new “Fake bet Friday” special where every third wager is forgiven. Grow up, Peter Pan, Count Chocula.

Maybe the uninitiated, whose first wager was the Jets and Aaron Rodgers on Sunday, might expect future leniency, but the rest of the gambling public knows you can’t text your bookie “Fake bets” when your parlay busts in the first minutes of the game, and expect forgiveness.

And it’s not like DraftKings is mailing out checks either. It’s a ploy just like any other sports gambling commercial that advertises free money, and if you ask Ben from Laconia, or Kyle in San Jose, how much site credit is worth, they’ll happily tell you how often that goes right back into the digital coffers of the sportsbooks.

Casinos want to keep players gambling, and if your luck snaps as quickly as No. 8’s Achilles, you’re not going to be super eager to return to the tables. This is like someone OD-ing after the first line of cocaine, and then the drug dealer coaxing the rest of the party back into the belief that his product is safe by handing out some free samples.

“See? It’s OK. I promise you’ll have fun.”

The cynical among us aren’t so naive as to question the motives behind the refunds, but rather are content trying to take advantage of the free play. People siding against the betting public, aka the group always losing to the house, is absurd. What’s next? Admonishing Taco Bell for giving away the occasional free bite?

“This comped food is setting a dangerous precedent, and soon so many people are going to rely on gifted Crunch Wraps that we’re going to be drowning in grifters, and others looking to freeload off of society’s hard work. The sky, along with capitalism, is falling all because DraftKings offered one do-over.”

I hate to break it to you, Darren, but Vegas is very much acting like Vegas; it just has legitimacy now and can offer whatever deals or promotions it wants to keep taxing the ignorant.

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