That 42-6 trouncing should’ve been an eye-opener for Colorado

That 42-6 trouncing should’ve been an eye-opener for Colorado

All the hype and attention surrounding the Colorado Buffaloes and head coach Deion Sanders was stifled on Saturday at the hands of the Oregon Ducks. The No. 10 team in the nation put boots to ass and sent No. 19 Colorado back to Boulder, licking their wounds. This is one of those losses that’ll bother Colorado for some time and could be hard to get over. The final score of 42-6 makes it sound closer than it was.

“No excuses, no nothing. Their coaches did a heck of a job preparing their team. Obviously, we didn’t… That was a really good old fashioned butt-kicking.”

Coach Prime owned that butt-kicking following the game as he should. Butt-kicking might be an understatement. That was one of those Old Testament, vengeful beatdowns. However, it should have been an eye-opening experience for the athletes playing for Sanders at Colorado. This is what the Buffaloes are in for every week within the Pac-12 conference. Teams are aiming to blow out the Buffaloes without remorse.

“Teams are trying to beat me, they’re not trying to beat our team,” Sanders said. “They keep forgetting I’m not playing anymore. I had a great career. I’ve got a gold jacket. “

That’s the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Opposing coaches, players, and fans are in their feelings across the nation, and waiting for the opportunity to slow down this hype train led by Prime Time. Ducks head coach Dan Lanning had a lot to say leading up to game time, and his Ducks backed those words up immediately. When you talk trash and then back it up the way Oregon did Saturday, it’s hard to take issue with anything said.

“Routed in substance, not flash.”

“The Cinderella story is 𝙤𝙫𝙚𝙧. They’re fighting for clicks, we’re fighting for wins.”

Coaches motivate their teams in many different ways. Sanders and his young men should now realize that every team they face moving forward this season is coming in with a personal vendetta against them. Whether it’s deep-rooted or not, every opponent wants to show the world Colorado isn’t worth the hype.

While the loss to Oregon was ugly and will stick with them for some time, the Buffaloes need to push it to the back of their minds, and prepare for USC next week. The Trojans are currently ranked No. 5 in the nation and can score points in a hurry like the Ducks. Last year’s Heisman Trophy winner, Caleb Williams, threw three touchdowns against Arizona State this week, and will look to continue the Trojans’ undefeated season (4-0) against the Buffaloes.

So, the road will only get more difficult as we progress through the year. After the USC game, Colorado still has UCLA, Oregon State, Washington State, and Utah on the schedule. All those teams are ranked and waiting to get their hands on Coach Prime and the Buffaloes.

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