The Giants got what they deserved trying to steal from the Eagles

The Giants got what they deserved trying to steal from the Eagles

There were several low points during the New York Giants loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Monday night — the offensive line, the missed tackles, everything Daniel Jones did — but the most egregious play was the failed “Tush push.” It’s one thing to copycat another coaching staff; this is the NFL after all. However, it’s an entirely different infringement to parrot the f*cking Eagles, and fail so miserably that two of your own players get injured in the scrum.

Tight end Daniel Bellinger, and rookie center John Michael Schmitz got hurt after being caught in the wash, and Philly fans should laugh while they still can, because certain members of the competition committee *cough* John Mara *cough* are definitely on the lookout for reasons to outlaw the glitch-y play.

Nevermind that the New England Patriots successfully ran QB sneaks with Tom Bady for two decades, or teams who can’t execute something as simple as hiking the ball and falling forward should be relegated to the USFL — yes, it’s cheating, dangerous, and should be done away. Philly must resort to running back dives, and end-arounds like the rest of the dumbass coaches who vomit on their shoes during every third- or fourth-and-1.

It serves Brian Daboll right that he has a “running” quarterback, and still couldn’t duplicate the Eagles. At least fail creatively like Matt Rhule when he had his QB try (and fail) to Superman over Michigan’s d-line out of the shotgun on fourth-and-short Saturday.

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I guess you’ll just have to take my word for that one, but back to the Giants. Daboll, who took home coach of the year honors last season, admitted that the team never ran their Tush Push live in practice, and now I have questions about what they’re actually doing during the week.

I thought if teams ran through anything live and in pads, it was short-yardage and red-zone stuff. While a glorified QB sneak seems easy enough to the uninitiated, we’re always told by former coaches and players that a lot more goes into it. OK, so explain the Giants to me then.

My guess is no one, not even the Maras, could do that, and not only have the G-Men regressed, but they can’t even co-opt maybe the most straightforward play in the history of football. I can understand screwing up the Fumblerooski, or Spider 2 Y banana, but the tush push? For the love of god, man, it’s not that hard.

What’s the old adage? If you can’t beat ’em, steal their playbook, and royally botch their unstoppable play? Yup, that’s the one. 

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