Was that Jimmy Butler or Jared Leto at Heat media day?

Was that Jimmy Butler or Jared Leto at Heat media day?

Jimmy Butler taking emo to another level.
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Miami Heat star Jimmy Butler turned heads at the team’s media day on Monday with his new “emo Jimmy” look. Butler walked in with his hair straightened, covering one side of his face, which included piercings above one eye and lips, complete with black fingernail polish.

Last year, Butler showed up with long braids in his hair, which became his default picture last season. That photo is still used on his basketball reference profile. For now. This new look to begin the NBA season has become something to look forward to around the association.

“I’m gonna go beat Dame, Giannis, and Adrian Griffin on our way to a title,” Butler said.

Having lost out on the Damian Lillard sweepstakes, one can only imagine how upset Butler was. That trade seemed like a slam dunk a couple of weeks ago until the Milwaukee Bucks weaseled their way into the picture. After the Lillard deal was announced, Butler hopped on social media immediately, hurling accusations of tampering. However, it happened, the Bucks got done, what Pat Riley and the Heat could not.

Jimmy Buckets also threw in that line about beating Dame, Giannis, and head coach Adrian Griffin on the Heat’s way to a title. It’s hard to count them out, as Miami has shown over the past couple of years. They don’t even have to be very good during the regular season. It’s a case of just getting in and seeing how things play out. Last season, that attitude led to them making an NBA Finals appearance as only the second No. 8 seed to accomplish that feat in the history of the NBA. However, doing it this time should be a much tougher task.

It all began last fall with Jimmy trolling everyone with his long extensions, and the Heat made it all the way to the Finals. Maybe this is the year they finally finish the job and win it all behind “emo Jimmy.” Regardless of how this campaign ends, we know that every media day moving forward, we’ll be looking out for the latest Butler look. This is a tradition Butler should continue once he’s retired from the league, kicking back running his coffee company. We need a social media post of Butler’s latest hair-do and accessories at every media day from here to eternity. 

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