Jennifer Lopez Was Angry With Ben Affleck “For a Long Time” After Their 2004 Breakup

Jennifer Lopez Was Angry With Ben Affleck For a Long TimeAfter Their 2004 Breakup

Jennifer Lopez is shedding light on the lingering resentment she harbored towards Ben Affleck following their breakup in 2004. In their forthcoming documentary, “The Greatest Love Story Never Told,” set to premiere on Prime Video tomorrow, Lopez candidly discusses her feelings towards her now-husband, admitting to being angry with him for a significant period.

According to People magazine, Lopez confessed to Affleck in the documentary, acknowledging her prolonged resentment towards him. However, she also expressed that the heartbreak they experienced propelled them towards personal growth and self-discovery. Lopez revealed that while she has forgiven Affleck completely, she still grapples with forgiving herself for certain aspects of their past.

Their romantic journey traces back to the early 2000s when they met on the set of the notorious film “Gigli.” Despite becoming engaged, their relationship encountered turbulence, leading to the postponement of their 2003 wedding and eventual split in 2004. Remarkably, after 17 years and subsequent marriages, Lopez and Affleck reconnected in 2021, rekindling their romance.

During interviews promoting her recent visual album, “This Is Me…Now,” Lopez has openly discussed the profound impact of their breakup on her emotional state. She admitted to knowing in her heart that she wanted a future with Affleck but expressed apprehension due to uncertainties about their relationship’s longevity.

At the premiere of their documentary, Lopez became visibly emotional while reflecting on her relationship with Affleck and the film’s portrayal of their “20-year journey” towards true love. Despite her tears, Lopez took a moment to playfully tease Affleck, acknowledging his discomfort with her public display of gratitude towards him.