When the Jets are trolling your team, it’s all over

When the Jets are trolling your team, it’s all over

Breece Hall and Garrett Wilson celebrate after a rare Jets dub.
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You know things have gone off the rails when the New York Jets social media team trolls you after a loss. That’s the reality for the Denver Broncos and head coach Sean Payton after falling to the Jets, 31-21. Payton had some choice words before the season aimed at former Broncos head coach and current Jets offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett. Let’s just say Hackett owes the Jets’ social media department for having his back.

It’d be hard for Hackett to gloat after beating Payton’s Broncos, but nothing says the organization can’t poke fun on Twitter. The Jets are nothing special, but this had to be some sweet revenge for Hackett, who took most of the blame for Denver’s 2022 campaign flop.

Russell Wilson also shouldered some blame, but when Payton came in and began dogging Hackett publicly, that may have gone a bit far. Now Payton should have absolutely nothing to say about Hackett or his time in Denver after falling to 1-4. It’s not like this was the Jets led by Aaron Rodgers. Zach Wilson didn’t have a great game, but as usual, he managed. On the other hand, Breece Hall rushed for 177 yards, and a touchdown. The Jets’ defense also did their part, scoring a TD, a safety, recording four sacks, and pouncing on three fumbles.

Things were already looking bleak for year one of Payton’s tenure in Denver. Once the Jets start cracking jokes via social media, it’s about time to throw in the towel. Honestly, it wouldn’t be that bad if Payton hadn’t decided to go in on Hackett months ago. He couldn’t ride into town quietly. Coach Payton had to stomp his way through town as he made his way to the stadium. Made his presence known early, and by Week 5, the Broncos are done. That television job Payton traded probably sounds much more glamorous right now.

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