Renowned Attorney Lin Wood Tells Patriots to Stock Up on ‘Second Amendment Supplies’

picture of trump supporters protesting the massive election fraud of 2020

According to Newsweek, “Lin Wood, a supporter of President Donald Trump who has also been filing lawsuits on Trump’s behalf to overturn the election’s results, tweeted on Monday that Trump supporters should stock up on “2nd Amendment supplies,” a reference to firearms and ammunition. Wood’s tweet seemed to predict coming social unrest over the Electoral College casting its ballots to seat President-elect Joe Biden in the White House.

“Better to be safe than sorry,” Woods wrote in his tweet. “Make sure you have PLENTY of water, food, flashlights & batteries, candles, radio, 2nd Amendment supplies, & a plan to meet with leaders of your communities. Remember we only have 1 President at a time. Our leader is @realDonaldTrump, not Biden.”

The supplies Woods listed are commonly associated with preparing for civil unrest or disasters in which people’s utilities, electricity and access to survival essentials are disrupted.”

Now, that’s typical misdirection by members of the media right there saying that Attorney Lin Wood was only telling Trump supporters to stock up and one could easily argue that’s good advice for anyone who appreciates those foundational tenets of “LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.”

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All that said though, there are interesting developments on many national and global fronts that seem to indicate there is something bigger brewing than what is being reported on and what meets the casual observer’s eye. If you’d like to take your own trip down the rabbit hole for a few minutes to gather some insight into what Lin Wood might possibly be eluding to, I’ll leave you with some of the dots, it’s up to you connect them.

Start by actually reading this: 

Look at the differences and movements since October 8 to this week:

Cross-checked here: 

Then this happened last Saturday: 

Several of the dots connected here:

Add all of that to the fact that Chris Miller was appointed the new “interim” Secretary of Defense (officially he’s a former Green Beret bad ass) and Ezra Cohen-Watnick is now directly over Special Operations/Forces in his role as civilian commander. Verified story here: and here with the official transcript of the ceremony: 

Now, DNI Ratcliffe will be providing the American public his official report on election interference on Friday, December 18th and it would be highly plausible that many shoes will be dropping in the coming days and weeks. I’d be ready and I think Lin Wood was giving every American good advice.

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  1. Interesting… a lot of activity that all points to a big shoe dropping

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