Fake LastPass lookalike made it into Apple App Store

Fake LastPass lookalike made it into Apple App Store

LastPass recently disclosed a concerning situation where a rogue application mimicking its renowned password manager successfully bypassed Apple’s security checks and made its way onto the iOS App Store, potentially putting unsuspecting users at risk.

The fraudulent app, masquerading as “LastPass Password Manager” and attributed to a developer named Parvati Patel, was detected by LastPass, prompting immediate action to address the threat. Christofer Hoff, LastPass’s chief secure technology officer, revealed that upon discovery, the company swiftly engaged its threat intelligence, legal, and engineering teams to tackle the issue. LastPass initiated communication with Apple representatives to report the fraudulent app and commence its removal process from the App Store.

Despite LastPass’s efforts, the fake LastPass app remained accessible on the store for a period. However, inquiries from The Register regarding the app’s presence prompted its swift removal from search results and the subsequent disappearance of its URL, indicating Apple’s intervention.

This incident raises questions about how the rogue app managed to infiltrate Apple’s tightly controlled ecosystem. Although Apple maintains stringent app approval processes, occasional breaches like this highlight the imperfections in the system. LastPass, in collaboration with Apple, aims to investigate further to understand how such a breach occurred, especially considering the blatant attempt to replicate LastPass’s brand elements.

To safeguard against similar threats, users are advised to exercise caution and vigilance when downloading apps. Signs of potential fraud include misspellings in app descriptions or screenshots, discrepancies in developer names, unusually low review counts or ratings, and requests for unnecessary permissions. Additionally, users should scrutinize app privacy reports and avoid granting excessive access to personal data unless warranted.

While Apple’s security measures aim to maintain a safe environment for users, incidents like these underscore the need for ongoing vigilance and scrutiny to protect against malicious actors attempting to exploit the system.